The Tithaarn Creed are the followers of the deity Tithaar. Members of the Tithaarn Creed are usually referred to as Tithaarn.

Nearly every Aethonite is of the Tithaarn Creed. In fact, to be a member of the Aethon Order one must first be a follower of the Tithaarn Creed.

Evolution and StructureEdit

The Tithaarn Creed started off as nothing more than a civilization built around a common philosophy. As Aethon grew the Tithaarn Temple was built and with its construction and management a leadership structure was needed.

Due to their duties as Aethon's law enforcement, the Aethon Order already had a structure set up throughout Aethon and with the fact that every member of the Aethon Order are generally more devout and respected followers of Tithaar, the Aethon Order was given the task of setting up and running the first election.

At first just minor judges and temple masters were needed but soon the nation needed trade masters, war masters, and various industry masters.

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