Tithaar is said to have been the creator of the Aethonites. Of all the deities, Tithaar is the most directly worshiped since nearly one hundered percent of the Aethonites are also Tithaarn.

According to many nations' lore, Tithaar was thought to be the last god to dwell amongst humans, by some accounts staying as late as 300 years after the deitiey of the Tescari was said to have sacrificed herself.

Legends and LoreEdit

Of all the gods, Tithaar, according to legends and tales, was the most involved in mortal affairs. Though his presence was said to have been in Aethon until nearly 1000 years after the Norican/Tyrian ancestors were effectively abandoned in the Shadowspine Mountains, he was said to not provide more than a guiding hand in the development of Aethon and the Tithaarn people.

Acording to his lore, during the last several centuries of his residence in Aethon he sat in a single spot, and through his presence alone, slowly eroded the ground bebeath him until a massive crater was formed. During this time many generations of the Aethonite people settled around their resting god and built a life for themselves around their deity.

Tithaar taught the Aethonites many things, but only what they asked him.

After Tithaar departed, the Tithaarn built the Tithaarn Temple around the ground he had once sat upon. This temple became the center of Aethon.

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