Introduction Edit

The Rift was a cataclysmic volcanic and seismological event brought on by a group of renegade Uthraian mages. The mages sought to weaponize a cosmological convergence bridging their world with the divine, but lacked the knowledge and capability to effectively harness the energy.

Results Edit

The eruption resulted in the shattering and subsequent inundation of the Icarian Peninsula, and the complete destruction of all major Uthraian cities. In the nations affected, the event was responsible for widespread loss of life, economic collapse, and the displacement of thousands of survivors.

Seismic and volcanic activity also awoke dragons within the subterranean caverns beneath Uthrai. These dragons descended upon the surviving refugees, causing widespread destruction and panic. Their continued presence in the Disputed Lands has made resettlement of the region all but impossible.

In some parts of the Disputed Lands, ash continues to fall from active volcanoes.

The surge of ambient Sae in the vicinity of the epicenter caused a multitude of survivors to experience visions of the past, present and future. Many of these visions were recorded, circulated and became canonized as prophecy..