The Disputed Lands are a wild, ungoverned region in the center of the continent plagued by constant warfare and dragons. They are highly coveted for their mineral desources. The only known source of gold is located within the Disputed Lands. 

The Disputed lands also possess several strategic mountain passes which control trade and offer shorter, more convinient routes when travelling across the continent. 


These lands once belonged to the nation of Uthrai. The kingdom was abandoned when dragons awoke in the mountains after the events of The Rift.

Since the fall of Uthrai, TyriumAethon, the Icarian Free States  and the Tescari Dominion have all sought to control the Disputed Lands, though no nation has succeeded in controling more than a fraction of the region. 


An ethnically diverse population lives within the lowland regions of the Disputed Lands in small, scattered townships. These towns are known for being wild and lawless settlements. Along with the descendants of the Uthraian people, these towns are home to runnaways, criminals, and treasure hunters from many different nations.


Many dragons have nested in the Uthrai's former capital, Gunvar.

The Disputed Lands are one of the best regions for the recruitment of mercenaries.