Texlar is a Tyrian Exarch from the city of Marmara. He is one of the wealthiest men in Tyrium and is currently seeking the office of Magister. Along with the Magister Boreas, Texlar is cooperating with Aethonite agents to undermine his own government and establish a new, more egalitarian government with himself at the head.   

Due to his position as Exarch of the province bordering Norica, Texlar is very familiar with Norican customs and the Norican mindset. He was one of the hostages exchanged at the conclusion of the Forty Days War, and spent some years in the custody of House Drayten. After his return to Tyrium, he became friends with Silarus Drayten a Norican hostage in his fathers court, and the future commander of the Norican Guard. After Silarus Drayten was exiled to Tyrium, the two began to formulate a plan, with the help of the Aethonites, to establish Silarus as the ruler of a new Norican state in Dratia

Texlar also has an accord with Aldrin Saereth, and hopes to finance the creation of his new state with silver from House Saereth 's silver mine near Blackwater Lake.