General Edit

Solith is the most powerful of the five major cities within the Icarian Free States. It is the only city in the Free States that possesses a port. They have strong economic and political ties with the landlocked Tescari, who make use of Solith's port to expand their trade network.

Solith is the closest of the Free States to Aethon and was therefore the first of the Free States to be conqured. Thus far, she has proven to be the most troublesome for the Aethonites to occupy, as there is an active resistance movement within Solith which has backing from the Tescari. 

Much of Solith's wealth is devoted into protecting her merchant fleet. Solith has been the victim of several Icarian blockades in the past, and Icarian captains will go out of their way to attack ships from Solith. 


When Aethon first conquered Solith, it deposed the current king Sidon and replaced him with an Aethonite noblewoman, Gareena Shil-Terna, and wed her to the king's cousin, Torith. Gareena quickly realized that Torith was a bold, but mostly incompetent leader. Suspecting he still had interest in reestablishing Solith's autonomy, she had him killed in his sleep, and staged the death to seem natural. Gareena is now the de-facto ruler of Solith.