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The Shadow Coven is an Aethonite college located within the Temple of the Chosen. The college's main focus is subversion of foreign powers, and the gathering of intelligence both foreign and domestic. The college was created at the behest of Xigacore Mavron, and is thus the youngest of the six colleges.

Capabilities Edit

The college is built upon the clandestine principles learned during Aethon's war with the Free States.

Members of the college are proficient at diplomacy and political maneuvering. While their main prerogative is destabilization and disorientation, they are occasionally called upon to broker treaties given their diplomatic abilities.

They are expected to maintain a detailed knowledge of their area of operation, including advanced knowledge of history, regional and colloquial dialect, customs, and mannerisms.

Members of the college are also expected to maintain a comprehensive network of agents. This typically includes spies and assassins and informants.

Reputation Edit

The college, true to its secretive nature, is notoriously closedfisted, and typically refuses to share its knowledge with other colleges. The college has also been criticized for its refusal to submit to oversight beyond the High Archon

Known Members Edit

Umea Shil'Varon

Jehan Menno

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