Introduction Edit

The Royal Magicarum was founded in 43 A.R at the behest of the Royal House of Aravaal, and the Royal Icarian Library. It is situated within the city of Talus. The school is the successor of the old Royal Magicarum destroyed during the Rift.

Acquisition of lost magical knowledge, both Icarian and foreign, is main prerogative of the school. On a practical level, the school is known for training casters who compliment the Icarian navy, and are adept at the manipulation of air, fire and water. Thus, the institution maintains a balance of both arcane theory and praxis.

Misc. Edit

The current Headmaster of the Magicarum is Arrachis Cestor, a powerful but pretentious caster.

The Magicarum accepts students from any nation, but does not engage in active recruiting like Aethon.

The school currently enrolls 33 students.

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