Noric is a quasi-historical figure who was the first and only king of Norica. He is responsible for uniting disparate Norican tribes into one nation and for codifying the warrior ethos of the Norican people in the Compendium of Noric.  

Physical descriptions of Noric are for the most part consistent among Norican sources both oral and written. He was tall, even for a Norican, measuring some seven feet in height. He was blond, with grey eyes, and a stern face with sharp hawk-like features. The Noricans claim that Noric lived to be over 134 years old. While most educated Noricans believe that Noric lived an unusually long life, they maintain that this longevity was conflated to become part of the Noric mythos. 

His sudden and unexpected death came as a shock to all of Norica. Since he died childless, and did not designate an heir, Norica descended into civil war resulting in the division of the kingdom between the princely houses.

Noric was one of the first known Empowered to exist.