Ilranna Shil'vir is from the nation of Aethon. She was born and raised in Aeterna, the capitol city of Aethon. She is an adept manipulator of Sae, and specializes in healing.

Character HistoryEdit

At the age of five, she was recognized as a potential candidate for the Lightless Order by a monks from the Temple of the Chosen, and spent the rest of her life training there as a Lightless. Upon reaching the rank of Adept at age nine, she was fully initiated into the order and ritually blinded.

After becoming aware of the designs of Xigacore Mavron, she fled Aethon and went into hiding in Tyrium, where she attempted to foil the efforts of Aethon agents.


Ilranna is 22 years of age at the beginning of the series. 

Illranna is a second cousin to Umea Shil'Varon