Hyparna is a Norican enclave in northwestern Tyrium. It is a semi-autonomous region within under the authority of the Exarch of Palos.

Several generations after the formation of the Deathguard, Norican commanders became increasingly concerned over what they perceived to be the cultural degradation of their Norican heritage. Intermarriage with native Tyrians, and adoption of urban lifestyles were beginning to cause rifts within the ranks. In an attempt to conserve the purity of the Deathguard's Norican heritage, commanders petitioned the Magisters for land in northwestern Tyrium, where they could reside apart from the influence of Tyrium's major cities.

The Magisters, intent on preserving the unique warrior ethos of the Deathguard, granted their request, with the additional caveat that Tyrians were forbidden to settle on the land.

The Deathguard named the land Hyparna after their first commander, Hyparnus.

The land itself was deemed a suitable site for a Norican colonization due to its cooler, alpine climate, and prevalence of feral animals from the mountains. An earlier site along the River Arsuf was rejected due to its close proximity to Norica.