House Blockely is a knightly house located at Skyfall in Umbara. The sigil of house Blockely is a blazing comet. House Blockely has the distinction of being the only knightly house founded by Noric . Though house Blockely rules over a large swath of territory, their lands are rugged and sparsely populated. 


Benfred Blockely - Current Archknight of Skyfall and and patriarch of the Blockely family.

  • Amarren Blockely - Eldest son of Benefred Blockely
    • Gareth Blockely. Son of Amarren Blockely. Twin to Amara Blockely
    • Amara Blockely. Daughter of Amarren Blockely. Twin to Gareth Blockely.
  • Adelon Blockely - Middle son of Benfred Blockely
    • Yularen Blockely. Son of Adelon Blockely. Close friend of Darren Saereth. 
  • Dalton Blockely - Youngest son of Benefred Blockely. Died at the Battle of the Brushfire
    • Corylus Blockely - Eldest son of Dalton Blockely
    • Greyson Blockely - Middle son of Dalton Blockely
    • Gysin Blockely - Youngest son of Dalton Blockely
  • Dolanna Blockely - Eldest daughter of Benfred Blockely. Married to Argus Falkren
  • Olina Blockely - Youngest daughter of Benfred Blockely. Married to Aldrin Seareth I.