The Ghostway is an abandoned stretch of the Norican Royal Highway extending south into Igaarna. The contruction of the highway was part of an ambitious plan to secure the rumored mineral wealth located within the forest's extensive mountain range.

At first, all went according to plan. The expedition, hewing their way far into the interior of the forest, reached a large clearing with a round, flat hill at the center. Here the expedition halted and began the contruction of an immense keep. Prince Rygil Rosenwald ordered the creation of a new knightly house, House Densemore , and gave them possession of  the keep which was called Densemore Hillock. The keep had scarcely been occupied for more than a month, when frantic messages were recieved at Castel Rosenwald claiming that the Tyrian engineers and their Norican laborers had gone missing. The messages also gave reports of drums beating in the depths of the forest at night. An army was quickely marshalled and sent to Densmore Hillock, and was never heard from again. Many scouts were sent to uncover the fate of the army, but not a single man returned. Prince Rygil subsequently abandoned his plans of expanding the Norican realm southward. Settlements along the edge of the forest were pulled back from the frontier, and the entrance to the Ghostway was blocked.  A great system of watchtoweres was erected along the border with the forest, and only the bravest of Noricans dared to enter. 

It is rumored among the common folk of Norica that the spirits of the slain Noricans still haunt Ghostway.