Dirath is the nation that is controlled by the Drathian people, also known by the Noricans as "Reavers."

The Drathians are master horseman, and possess the finest cavalry in the known world. 


The Drathians are a pastoral nomadic people whose hoards roam the Stepps of Dirath. The threat of dragons prevents the Drathians from establishing any permanent settlements. Similarly, they do not till the earth, but rely on large herds of cattle, and goat as their main source of food. 

Dragon symbology and dragon iconography are pervasive throughout Drathian culture.  

Drathians practice eugenics in order to breed the strongest warriors.  


The Drathians possess all manner of heavy and light cavaly. Elite Drathian warriors are known to wear armor made from dragonscales. 


The Drathians are governed by a loosely defined monarchy. Succession is not hereditary, and is based primarily on merit.

Unlike the hereditary Icarian monarchy, which has remained within the bloodline of Araaval since the time of the Rift, the Drathian king is choosen from among his peers, though there no formal system for this. Civil wars often settle the matter if there is no clear candidate.