Ser Darren Osteroy Tinean Saereth is a knight from the nation of Norica, and one of the main protagonists of the series. He is a caster, but limited to the manipulation of fire.


Darren is the firstborn son of Aldrin Saereth and Olina Blockely. In looks, he takes after his mother and her kin, House Blockely, with his dark hair and grey eyes. As a child he was frail and sickly, but in his early manhood he grew to considerable size and stature.

Like all Noricans, he was raised in accordance with the knightly traditions set down by the Compendium of Noric: Rigorous physical exercise, hunting, and studying of the Compendium's contents.

He gained his knighthood after the Battle of the Brushfire, where he distinguished himself by saving the lives of three other knights. 

He was exiled by his father to Tyrium where he joined the Norican Guard


In arms, Darren excels at the sword, mace, and spear, but makes for a poor bowmen.  He practices a hybridized form of Stalwart known as Blackwater Stalwart,  which combines the defensive characteristics of traditional Stalwart with the fast and aggressive movements of Shrike.


Darren is naturally left handed, but was forced as a child to use his right.  

Darren exhibits many signs of PTSD such as night terrors, insomnia, and emotional numbness. 

Darren is 28 years of age at the beginning of the series. 

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