The Crossroads is a junction of the Royal Highway in southern Norica where a strong, and largely independant city, has established itself. Whereas most Norican towns have developed around a castle or keep, the Crossroads developed organically as the predominant trade hub of the region. 

There is a small population of foreigners at the Crossroads, mostly Tyrians, who were attracted to the city by its lack of aristocratic oversight. These foreign entrepreneurs generally deal in lumber and iron.


The knightly houses of Ardell , Vargas , and Calteris have been fighting over possession of the Crossroads for centuries. As fighting over the Crossroads intensified, the three houses decided it would better for no house to lay claim to the crossroads and to grant the city its autonomy. This treaty was known as the Marric Concordant, so named after Marric, the town councilman who proposed the treaty.