The Braulium Silver Mine is a mining complex situated over a massive deposit of silver ore. The mine is located in the foothills near Blackwater Lake. The silver vein was discovered by surveyors from House Saereth shortly after the death of Aldrin Saereth I. The mines were subsequently constructed by his son Aldrin II, and a mint was established at Blackwater Keep

The mine has been a source of tension in the region since its construction. The Blackwater Lords are fearful that House Saereth will become too wealthy, and upset the balance of power in the region. The Princely houses at the Sentinels too have become alarmed, but are otherwise to occupied by their ongoing fued to intervene.

The operation of the mine has put a strain on the manpower of House Saereth, leading Aldrin to impress many of the house's subjects. He has also hired laborers from the Crossroads to work in the mines, as well as foreign mercenaries to guard it. These factors combined have made his rule unpopular with the local peasantry and aristocracy alike.