Ardmore is the old Norican capital which now lies abandoned and in ruins. 


As the era of Norican expansion reached its climax, Noric resolved to build for his budding nation a world-class capital city. With the aid of his new Tyrian allies, a great building program was began. The planners chose the fork of the River Brecclain , where the Lesser Brecclain branches south, as the site of the new city. In order to accomplish this, the Tyrian engineers had to alter the hydrology of the Brecclain so that the swampland around the site could be reclaimed. With Tyrian ingenuity and Norican manpower, a great system of levees and dikes were erected to alter the course of the Brecclain. In this manner the foundations of the capital were made clear, and construction of the city itself began. 

Construction of the capital took eleven years.