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Antelano is one of the five major cities within the Icarian Free States.

It was the second of the Free States to fall to Aethon. Unlike her neighbors, Antelano's resistance to Aethon was only half-hearted. There were many Aethonite sympathizers within the city, and the Tithaarn Creed already had a powerful following among the city's populace. After only a week of being besieged, Aethonite sympathizers killed the guards, opened the gates to the city, and admitted the Aethonites. Due to the city's peaceful surrender, it was able to avoid the wholesale slaughter that occurred at Solith.

Religion Edit

Within Antelano there is a large following who adhere to the Tithaarn Creed. The rest of the populace worships the Icarian Pantheon.

Military Edit

Famed for its skirmishers.

Very small standing army.

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Large deposits of argentium.

No good harborage along the coast.

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Traditionally a monarchy. After the Aethonite conquest a direct democracy.

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