Aldrin Saereth I, also known as Aldrin Saereth the Elder, was the father of Darren, Aldrin II, and Marrion Saereth and the former Archknight of House Saereth. Shortly after Darren's exile to Tyrium, he died of an eye infection, leaving his middle son, Aldrin II as his heir.

His relationship with his three sons was tenuous, though it was obvious to many that he favored the younger Aldrin over the other two. In an attempt to make his sons strong both physically and mentally, he often beat them and subjected them to grueling physical exercises.

With the dowry from his marriage to Olina Blockely , he brought the renowned knight Ser Junalus into his service and charged him with the educations of his sons. 

Aldrin was known to his subjects as a cold and calculating lord, but fair and just nonetheless.