Introduction Edit

Alchoris is one of the five major cities within the Icarian Free States.

The nation borders Astyrin to the northwest and Perona to the southeast.

The city was the most recent of the four Free States to fall to Aethon.

The city is prone to revolt. Many of the residents who fled the Aethonite invasion maintain outposts in Astyrin, where they launch raids against the occupying Aethonite garrison.

History Edit

Culture Edit

Seafaring tradition.

Government Edit

Traditionally, Alchoris is ruled by a dual-monarchy stemming from two separate lines of succession. The two monarchs are responsible for the judicial and military functions of the government.

The current Alchorin monarchs are Aleron and Razin. Of the two, Razin reigns from the city of Alchoris as a subject of Aethon, while Aleron resides in exile in Astyrin.

Aleron's father, Ascalon, was assassinated in a coup instigated by Razin after Aethon's armies laid siege to the city..

Alchoris traditionally maintains a senate of 25 elected officials. The senate is responsible for the civil administration of the city and its dependent territories.

Military Edit

The Alchorins maintains a system of state sponsored piracy. Small fast ships.

The Alchorins are known for their expert archers.

Small professional army. Archers are considered the elite. Nobles serve as archers.

Also maintain citizen militia. Sword and board. Small core of cavalry from the merchant class.

Magic Edit

Economy Edit

Export timber

Maintain the best vineyards on the continent. Alchorin red is widely regarded as the best wine in the world.

Marble quarries. Alchorin porphyry- has a purple hue.

Religion Edit

The Alchorins are devout polytheists

Water God

Fiery God of Vengeance

Goddess of the Woods/great forest spirit. The Alchorins closely guard their groves as they are invaluable for the production and maintenance of their ships and the crafting of their longbows. For this reason, the goddess of the forest is widely worshiped.

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