Aethon boasts the largest population of any nation on the continent.

Aethon began as a direct democracy but over time adopted a more republican style democracy with an elected senate body known as the Aethon Order.


The Aethonites have been centered around the site of Tithaarn Temple since their creation. As a nation the Aethonites had more contact with their creator than most other nations. Because of the extra centuries they spent with their creator the birth of their nation happened simultaneously with the formation of the Tithaarn Creed.


The Temple of the Tithaarn, known as the Tithaarn Temple, was built upon the site where the god Tithaar sat over the centuries and passively guided the Aethonites. The temple as well as the expanding city are considered to be holy ground by the Tithaarn.

With the entire population adhering to the same philosophy, life in Aethon is suprisingly good. Despite their extremely dense population, the Aethonites live relatively good lives. When compared with the wealthy Tyrians, the princely Norican houses, or even the richer seafaring families of Icaria, nearly every Aethonite family would be considered lower class or even peasants. The wealth in Aethon is only evident when looking at the Tithaarn Temple, the Aethon Order and those that are elected into higher ranks within the Tithaarn Creed.


The Aethon Order was founded while Tithaar was still active in the world. It was formed to orchestrate Aethon's need for increased military activity. Over time the Aethon Order began to get involved with civil and governing processes. After Tithaar became petrified, the Order organized a new government in which they would have influence. It would resemble more of a democratic republic where the Tithaarn would elect officials to the Order.

The capital of Aethon is Aeterna.


The Tithaarn Creed is a nearly uncontested religion in Aethon. Those who follow the Tithaarn Creed are followers of the deity Tithaar and adhere to the Tithaarn Philosophy.

The paramount belief of the Tithaarn Philosophy is that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This is the primary reason why the Tithaarn Creed organizes and decides further changes to it's creed through assembalies and polls.


The Aethon Order operates the military.